To follow up with our previous communications of May 27th. 2020, we would like to clarify that CCIL previously issued a 3-month extension of technician certification for technicians with cards expiry dates in March, April and May 2020.  Remote technician certification is now available and as such we do not plan to issue a further extension.  If your technician certification originally expired in March 2020 it now expires this month (June 2020).  If you have not already done so please contact CCIL to ensure you are scheduled for virtual recertification as soon as possible.

A reminder from the previous communication: To request a remote technician re-certification/certification, please carry out the following:

  • for Concrete please submit a request for service through the portal,
  • for asphalt and aggregate, please contact Gigi Kermath by email at and indicate your CCIL lab number and the required service(s).

Requirements for continuing your lab certification: 

  • All concrete tested for acceptance purposes must be carried out by a currently certified concrete technician.  
  • For Type Q, R and S certification, at least one currently certified concrete technician is required for each test method on the laboratories concrete certificate. Type Q, R, S and additional tests 1B, 14C and 12C have both lab and field exams.
  • For Type C, and D certification, at least one currently certified Type C aggregate technician is required in the lab while the lab is in operation.
  • For Types A, B, E and F certification, at least one currently certified HMA asphalt technician (Marshall and Superpave or Marshall Only, depending on thelab certification) is required in the lab while the lab is in operation.

On a related note CCIL now has a new request for service to remove technicians from your laboratory in the CCIL database for concrete laboratories. We would ask all concrete laboratories to login to the portal and complete the request to remove all technicians who are no longer employed with your lab.  This is an important step in making the portal list of certified technicians available to labs to eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding on who is certified for what. Specific requests through the portal for Aggregate and Asphalt are still under development.


Nabil Kamel, M.A.Sc. P.Eng.
Manager, CCIL Certification Programs
Mobile: 905-599-9656