Survey Summary

Survey of CCIL Certified Concrete Laboratories

Key Findings

In November 2014, the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) conducted a survey of all concrete laboratories certified by CCIL. The purpose of the survey was to:
determine their level of satisfaction with CCIL’s certification program, and identify opportunities for improvement and promotion of the program.

The results are now in, and overall, you think we’re doing a pretty good job. While we will always strive to do better, we’re glad you’re generally pleased with the program.

Here’s what you told us:

  1. 88% agreed that the program provides a valuable service.
  2. 67% agreed that CCIL is adequately involved in the development of the standards used for this program, and 60% agreed that CCIL promotes and advertises the program to the extent necessary.
  3. 61% agreed that the current fees charged for the program are appropriate. Only 22% thought that CCIL’s service to this program should be increased.
  4. 79% of respondents felt that the reference and working documents are a benefit to their laboratory.
  5. There are very high levels of satisfaction with the annual audit process (86%) and CCIL’s response time for laboratory technician certification (83%).
  6. 57% agreed that they have seen general improvements since CCIL took over the administration of the program in 2009.

The survey was administered by PR POST to ensure independence, protect the anonymity of respondents, and encourage frank input. The survey was distributed via Survey Monkey to 278
certified labs. The response rate was 37%.

For a full report on the Survey, please click here.