• Some municipalities, as well as some federal and provincial government departments, have built and expanded their own lab operations over the years.
  • In an era of government deficits and public funding constraint, these operations should be scaled back or eliminated entirely by outsourcing the services to the private sector.
  • This would reduce government expenditures, save tax dollars, and result in greater efficiencies.
CCIL Position
  • Where government lab services duplicate what is available in the private sector, there is no reason for governments to operate their own labs.
  • The private sector labs are more cost effective and responsive. In fact, government labs often rely on private facilities to do work for them outside of regular business hours.
  • There is broad geographical coverage among private-sector labs. CCIL members, who operate more than 330 lab facilities, are located in the major markets across Canada.
  • CCIL members are recognized for their commitment to quality and innovation, highly trained personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies.