To follow up with our previous communications of May 1st. 2020, we’re pleased to let you know we have successfully completed our development of Virtual laboratory inspections process and our Remote technician certification capabilities and have commenced using these innovative process.

To request a virtual laboratory inspection or remote technician certification, please follow the following:

  • for Concrete please submit a request for service through the portal,
  • for asphalt and aggregate, please contact Gigi Kermath by email at and indicate your CCIL lab number and the required service(s).

Virtual Audits require extra work on the laboratory’s part for scanning documentation but we have found on average the inspectors time is about the same as that of the personal visits. Many laboratories may find the virtual process advantageous as there is no travel expenses.  As in the personal lab inspection process, our inspector will provide you details of Virtual Audit steps applicable to your lab certification during the scheduling process. Virtual lab inspections documentation will fellow in the same way through the CCIL portal as normal personal visits.

The remote technician certification is carried out in 2 steps.  We are using a web based program to securely administer the exams while using a video chat to supervise the exams and carry out the practical examinations.  If your company has firewalls and security features that may interfere with a web based application you may run into issues taking the exams. CCIL has put in place several layers of security and has instructed inspector to immediately stop the examination process if cheating is suspected. Participating laboratories must also sign a consent allowing CCIL administering the exams using video and voice recordings.  

These services are offered as optional to labs who require these services to maintain their certification and meet their clients needs. All laboratories still have the choice to wait until in person lab visits resume.  The timing of returning to in person visits is still unknown and is dependent upon Government and Health authorities directions. 


Nabil Kamel, M.A.Sc. P.Eng.
Manager, CCIL Certification Programs
Mobile: 905-599-9656