CCIL has been working diligently during the month of April to develop virtual and remote procedures
for lab audit and technician certification during this extraordinary time. We realize that some of you
are working on essential projects and are worried about how you will meet your project’s needs.

We’re currently in the final development and internal testing stages of our virtual procedure for lab
auditing. The plan is to commence testing of the virtual procedure with a number of selected CCIL
laboratories next week. Testing with actual labs will provide confidence and feedback to fine tune the
process to ensure quality of the virtual audits. Implementation of the virtual audits Nationally is
expected to commence in mid-May. The process of scheduling and responding to audits remains the
same through the portal. The CCIL inspector during the process will provide lab guidance, when

In addition, we’re developing remote technician certification procedure which involves the use of an
external program for the written exams. In addition, it also uses video conferencing platforms for the
practical demonstrations. Remote examinations for basic technician certification will be rolled out as
soon as possible with a target of late May. We’re currently creating the exams for basic technician
certification and will expand development of the written examinations to encompass all of CCIL
technician certification programs. Forty percent of our inspectors are currently in training for carrying
out the virtual lab audits and technician certifications and more will be trained, as may be required.

We will continue to keep you advised by email of any updates as soon as we have new information to
share. All updates will also be shared on your private CCIL portal and will be posted to the CCIL
website. Please stay tuned! Thank you.


Nabil Kamel, M.A.Sc. P.Eng.
Manager, CCIL Certification Programs
Mobile: 905-599-9656
May 01,2020